Miniature wire and cable
Since 1991, Industrifil designs, manufactures and commercializes wire and cable used in diverse applications such as research, medical electronics, testing, measure and more...
Industrifil provides a large quantity of available wire and cable or manufactures on request any specific cable in #32, #34 & #36AWG (only) following your needs in terms of dimension, lightness and flexibility.
Miniature wire and cable for...
Micro-electronic, Micro-coil, Automotive, Medical, Strain gage, Aeronautic, Aerospace...
  • ♦ American Wire Gauge

    • AWG is a standardized wire gauge system used since 1857 predominantly in the USA and Canada to calibrate diameters of nonferrous conducting wire.



  • ♦ Shielded cable

    • Industrifil's shieldings are only made by silver plated soft copper braid. Silver plating, besides being decorative, possesses the highest electrical conductivity of any element and the lowest contact resistance of any metal, which gives a great efficiency to the shielding.
      Braid coverage
      Shielding's efficiency is also characterized by braid coverage. Most of* our cables have a coverage higher than 85%, some of them such as coaxial cables may be increased to 92%.
      * Contact us for more informations
      Kfr =
      N.n.d / 2.π.(∅ + 2.25.d).cos(α)
      ∅ : diameter under braid
      d : ∅ of elementary braid wire
      α : angle of braid with cable axis
      N : number of carriers
      n : number of wires per carrier
      Coverage (%) = 2.Kfr - Kfr2
  • ♦ Custom cable

    • Starting from only 100 meters, we manufacture cable according to your specifications with a lead time lower than 15 days.
  • ♦ Flexible cable

    • The longevity of a cable subjected to alternated bendings will be conditioned by the facility for the component parts in the cable to move relatively to each other without mechanical stress or deformation inside the cable (flexibility, mechanical resistance, low friction coefficient, short twisting step...).
      To face up to determined mechanical constraints, the low size and the low weight (low inertia) of our cables are important assets for longevity...
      ⋄ TFA cables - 100 000 cycles
      ⋄ TES cables - 50 000 cycles
      ⋄ TPU cables - 500 000 cycles
      with DBR = 15 x OD
  • ♦ Cut & strip wire

    • In addition to our range of miniature insulated wire, we provide cut and stripped wire to streamline mounting processes. We deliver this wire with very good accuracy and repeatability.
  • ♦ Contact

    • Works and offices
      7 rue entre-vignes
      30470 Aimargues
      With more than 75% of its turnover invoiced since 2005 with foreign companies, Industrifil is definitely turned towards exportation. Industrifil has developed partnerships in Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Israel, Scandinavia, Belgium...
      Are you a distributor of electronic components or do you supply test laboratories sensors? Supplement your range and propose our miniature cables to your customers.